Do comic book creators have to pay copyrights?

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  • Do comic book creators have to pay copyrights?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 06:11
I don't think any comic writer has ever paid a copyright for the use of any image of a car or weapon. For cars they do like the GTA games have and just not give or use them make of the car. And as gun manufactures go, they like free publicity of their weapons being seen, but often you see real weapons being given fake names anyways . As for animals and names, you can't copyright a name, or at least most names. Sure Marvel or now Disney would like to think they own Thor, but Thor being the name of a Norse God they can't own it. They can only own their depiction of Thor, but not his name. As for animals, how could one copyright an animal that is openly known? It's not possible. You couldn't use a made up animal like say a Rancor, because every one knows that's from Star Wars. But dragons are very common in myth and fantasy, no one can own a copyright on dragons, same with other mythical animals.
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