Disappointed in the food I spent my money on?

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  • Disappointed in the food I spent my money on?


Answer #1 | 23/11 2013 19:15
Answer #2 | 23/11 2013 20:39
just dont go back again
Answer #3 | 23/11 2013 19:16
Once again, this is a declarative paragraph, not a question. Never go back, they will either get better else go out of business and you can try whatever new restaurant opens in the same building. FYI: More than 50% of new restaurants close before they a One year old.
Answer #4 | 23/11 2013 19:15
Call the manager of the place and complain and say you want a refund or a voucher to come in another day. If you don't want to do those 2 choices, then there's no other alternative but to NEVER go back to that place to have dinner.
Answer #5 | 23/11 2013 20:49
It happens to everybody so don't feel bad about it, just don't go back there again.
Answer #6 | 23/11 2013 21:18
it happens. don't give them your business again.
Answer #7 | 25/11 2013 18:58
give them one star on yelp and trip advisor
Answer #8 | 24/11 2013 03:22
you should of complained rt then and there,before you ate all of it and paid for it.i would of told after you all noticed it was gross..
Answer #9 | 24/11 2013 01:18
I wouldn't bother to get a refund, just never go there again. Idk if you live anywhere near okemos MI, but there is this awesome restaurant Cuginos, it's Italian but its amazing too. They have pastas, pizzas, salads, even chicken finger for kids. The portions are HUGE and the prices are really low. I love going there with my family, my favorite dish is the Hawiian chicken salad. Sorry I didn't help much with your question
Answer #10 | 23/11 2013 22:12
You could ask for a refund or refuse to pay. Implied in every business transaction is the concept under contract law that a product should be fit for the purpose provided. Ie, if the food is not good enough you can complain. Or do what all the rest of us do, write a review on yelp!

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