Dining out, sort of first time...........?

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  • Dining out, sort of first time...........?


Answer #1 | 02/05 2007 05:48
What is the question? We are here to help but need more details....................Is this a first date question?
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Answer #2 | 03/05 2007 20:07
guys should decide on a date but its also better to ask some opinions from the girl... ask her what she wanna eat
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Answer #3 | 02/05 2007 20:56
If you know this girl enough to ask her out just ask her what kind of food she likes and where would she like to go. If she names someplace too expensive for you just say I had --- in mind. But be sure they serve the same type of food. Do some research on restuarants in the area that serve different kinds of food. Call them and ask prices. Then pick the one you can afford to suggest to her. She will be happy no matter where you take her as long as she is with you. The food is not as important as the company.
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Answer #4 | 04/05 2007 19:21
eat at a restaurant
Answer #5 | 04/05 2007 19:59
??? witw What In The World??/ o.k. I'll go w/ Bennihana's
Answer #6 | 04/05 2007 21:49
just dont stare i hate that!
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Answer #7 | 04/05 2007 20:49
go always at MAx resturant

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