Dining out in Milan: El marwa7a wl takeef bayezeeen?

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  • Dining out in Milan: El marwa7a wl takeef bayezeeen?


Answer #1 | 06/07 2011 07:48
No problem ..
Answer #2 | 06/07 2011 08:10
oh boy !! inty izzay 3aysha :O hina lazim el AC f kol 7itta , we can't live without it .. bas 3ashan hina daraget el 7arara bet3addy el 50 f 2a3'lab el 2aw2at :D ana hina fel beit freeeezzziiinnnggg , brrrr .hahahah ta5dy showayet howa :D @L.B : hahaha 35 here is spring :D really , the summer here is killing but it's 3ady , cus we have ACs every where what is worse , is when it's humid or dusty .. that's what i hate the most
Answer #3 | 06/07 2011 09:17
Ana law menek a3eesh ta7t el dosh. Wel 3ayz yed5ol el 7amam yetsaraf w ysala7 el takeef. Law el moshkela fel fuse bta3 el takeef teb2a baseta.
Answer #4 | 06/07 2011 09:25
3ade ana t3wadet mn don takyef r7 tet3wade xP hehe fla t5afe x))
Answer #5 | 06/07 2011 14:50
rabna m3aky ,, bas howa elgaw 7lw elyoumeen dool 3moman .
Answer #6 | 06/07 2011 09:29
OMG ! rabena ykon f 3onek , ana 3an nafsy lama ma3odsh f takeef bab2a mesh taye2 7ad w ely bashofo f weshy baza3a2lo

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