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Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 12:09
The .NET approach is essentially Microsoft's implementation of the natural generalization of the Java approach to software/language implementation. In particular, where Java has the JVM (virtual machine), the .NET Framework is the virtual machine that drives Microsoft's CL (the equivalent of Java bytecode.) Using this approach, Microsoft could consolidate all the disparate languages they were supporting (C/C++, VB, COBOL, etc) and consolidate them at the bytecode level -- a compiler converted source toCL (common language) then any CL could be run in the Framework. Since no one develops in a vacuum, it's hard to say if Microsoft pioneered this generalization of the basic Java approach because at the same time, languages like PHP and ColdFusion were replacing their custom back-end engines with the JVM -- so their compilers would build Java bytecode that would execute within the JVM, which proved much more efficient and better optimized than their custom back-end engines.
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