Difference between man & woman?

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  • Difference between man & woman?


Answer #1 | 30/06 2010 02:40
dear Mr Gagan your question is not clear, please mail back to me with details will try my best to help you out, My ID is : [email protected]
Answer #2 | 30/06 2010 04:06
Answer #3 | 30/06 2010 22:39
by reproductive organs.
Answer #4 | 01/07 2010 01:52
dont ask stupid ques
Answer #5 | 03/07 2010 05:52
Only biological difference.
Answer #6 | 02/07 2010 02:22
in the present days, there is absolutely not much difference between the man and a woman. women of the present generation do all the hard jobs that were totally for the men in the earlier times. Women have take good positions in the army, navy and air force. the fact is that woman is ruling everywhere whether it be a corporate world or the world of entertainment or politics. yes, there is a biological difference. Man cannot give birth but a woman gives and is therefore called mother or mom.

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