diet and fitness plan?

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  • diet and fitness plan?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 11:29
Only drink water: water intake should be half of your body weight in ounces of water Eat organic veggies+fruits+meats(if you can find them/afford the meats) Try metabolic typing(it's in a book just skip to the part where you answer the questions and they tell you if higher protein or higher carbs or 50/50 is best for you body). Also the other guy said no oils don't listen to him. Consume healthy oils(by the way oils feed the brain) such as organic Coconut oil and olive oil there are others these are just the ones I use. Avoid canola oil and vegetable oil. The thing with canola oil=the way they make it=BAD Also eggs are not bad just don't scramble too many eggs with the yolk in them( the yolk oxidizes the cholesterol and makes the cholesterol bad otherwise it's good) Also just walk more. Park your car more towards the back for extra walking. When you go into the store maybe stop by the clerence isle(which is usually towards the back or in some weird cornor) the point of this is for more exerice. Try to not sit too much maybe get an exercise ball and sit on that while at the computer(what I'm doing right now) I have more energy cause I'm not still I have to keep myself balenced. Just try to add these to your dailylife also eat 3-5x a day. If you only eat a couple meals a day your body shape will be messed you have to watch what you eat and when you eat. Breakfast= eat a pretty big size meal (this should be one of the biggest meals if not the biggest meal you eat all day) might be hard to do at first. Also notice how people who are fat don't eat much and don't eat breakfast yet they are still fat. Try cutting out grains/wheat/milk see how you feel just experiment and become sensitive to what your body is telling you and remember if it works keep doing it.
Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 11:57
To jumpstart your fitness lifestyle, I suggest starting a full body workout at least 3x a week. Ensure that you perform core exercises.To keep the progress going, always remember your goal. Visualize yourself meeting that goal.

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