Did the first gen 1967-69 Pontiac Firebirds come with a 455?

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  • Did the first gen 1967-69 Pontiac Firebirds come with a 455?


Answer #1 | 09/12 2013 20:45
Nope, biggest engine would have been the 400ci from 67 to 69 dealer upgrades such as Yanco only dealt with Chevy in which you could have seen the 427 in the 69 Camero, What's one of those worth? you don't even want to know, As to what your looking at one can only guess as to its worth, if professionally done I would imagine it has some value but still just as undriveable as the 427 Cameros , cars were never designed for that much engine, wrecks looking for a place to happen, even the 2nd gen Firebirds with the factory 455 were a bit too much for your average driver,
Answer #2 | 09/12 2013 23:24
No it can’t be an all original Pontiac Firebird. The best in Pontiac Firebirds during 1967-1969 was 400cu in (6,555 cc) Pontiac V8 engine. From 1970 the 428 bore was expanded .030" to 4.150 inches (105.4 mm), combined with a 4.210 inches (106.9 mm) stroke, yielding 455.74 CID. Pontiac made it available in GTO. The 455 was used through 1976. If you have seen Firebird model with a 455 badge on it then it might be a modified version by a dealer. How he made it possible, I can’t say much about that.

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