Did German scientists build a jet engine and if so when and could they have won ww2 if they had jets?

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  • Did German scientists build a jet engine and if so when and could they have won ww2 if they had jets?


Answer #1 | 12/02 2014 02:42
Yes they did build a jet engine, and yes they did build jet fighters (notably the Me262) - but they still lost.
Answer #2 | 12/02 2014 02:43
They built jet fighters and they ran out of fuel.
Answer #3 | 12/02 2014 02:44
they had them, they didn't invent it though. if that's what you mean google frank whittle
Answer #4 | 12/02 2014 02:48
Yes they did, hence their Me 262 jet fighters and their V1 and V2 rockets introduced at various times late in the war. They caused plenty of damage, but too little and too late to change the outcome of the war.
Answer #5 | 12/02 2014 03:35
the British and Germans were very close with the Jet engine Germany could Not have won WW2 with Jets because they Ran out of Fuel on 27 dec 1944
Answer #6 | 12/02 2014 03:02
Yes, the Germans invented the first true jet engine and they had operational jet fighters toward the end of the war, but even if they had managed to press a great number of the into service, it wouldn't have been enough to change the course of the war. The fact is that even if Germany had multiple squadrons of jet fighters in service, American and British bombers would have still been able to land enough bombs on German airfields, factories and cities that it would only have been a matter of time before the inevitable defeat came. The Russians were gaining ground on the Eastern Front and depriving the Germans of the integral raw materials that they desperately needed to keep their war machine running. No matter how advanced your weaponry is compared to the enemy, if your supply lines are cut, nothing is getting to where you need it to be. Troops at the front were short of the most basic necessities like ammunition, food and water, medical supplies and reinforcements. Tanks and planes were sitting idle due to fuel shortages. Whether you have biplanes or jet fighters, you still need to fuel them and the Germans weren't able to do that as the Allies were whittling away at their capability to hold out any longer. It's undeniable that Allied losses would have been far greater had the Germans managed to get their jet fighter into full production, but it's also a case of not having much time to work the kinks out of them. The first jet fighters were far more of a danger to their own test pilots than they were to the enemy and the Germans didn't have the luxury of time to go back to the drawing board again and again to perfect the designs. Once the tide had turned in the East, it was already over for Germany. The Allied landings in France only cemented that fact. Equipping every German man, woman and child with a revolutionary jet fighter and training them all to be combat aces in the air wouldn't have been enough to win the war.

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