Did Britain make USA, Canada, Australia?

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  • Did Britain make USA, Canada, Australia?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 13:08
No they didn't, the colonized them and they made themselves, that is why New Zealand, Australia and Canada all have similar cultures to a certain degree we are all totally different. Australia and New Zealand often seen as two brothers as we lived so far away from the rest of the Empire and were the youngest probably Chetak
Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 12:59
Not true technically.
Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 13:01
i Don't Understand What You Mean? By Like Buliding? No Slaves Pretty Much Made America... im Not Sure About Canada and Australia e.o
Answer #4 | 08/02 2014 23:42
The USA arose from 13 British Colonies, the first established in Virgina in 1604; Canada was taken from the French early in the 18th.Century; Australia - and also New Zealand - was colonized by Britain later in the same Century. All are former British possessions.
Answer #5 | 09/02 2014 11:17
The vast majority of the immigrants were British. Trivia, at one time the majority of immigrants I the USA were German and it was only a small majority of votes taken in Congress that the USA speak English instead of German.
Answer #6 | 08/02 2014 19:09
The USA has always been separated from the British Empire. The Thirteen Colonies were never a nation, but as their name suggests, colonies. A sovereign nation - the United States - was declared by the colonists and they defeated Britain in a war who were subsequently forced to recognize the US as a sovereign nation. As far as the United States is concerned, it was never a British colony.
Answer #7 | 08/02 2014 19:37
yes. they did.
Answer #8 | 08/02 2014 19:18
yes and No Both America and Australia were Built By Convicts from England then Indentured Slaves after Independence in the USA and Canada was Built By french and British settlers edit we set up a penal colony in the USA Georgia and sent 50,000 convicts to Build the USA and in Australia we set up Prisons to house the 180,000 convicts because Australia was never a Convict settlement South Australia and Victoria never had convicts not with free settlers and Civilians outnumbering convicts on the First fleets

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