Decent restaurant in Paris?

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  • Decent restaurant in Paris?


Answer #1 | 13/10 2012 06:26
try an ethnic restaurant like a lebanese one , you get good food for lower price
Answer #2 | 13/10 2012 06:32
I'd suggest you do something much more fun and find a small local restaurant away from the centre where you will get good authentic food at a fraction of the cost. Some of the best most memorable meals I've had in France have been in small places with a pix fixed menu 3 course for whatever. In the centre you'll pay the amount you've set for something half as good as it should be with possibly rude service. My student guide to Paris is lent out right now but go to a bookshop and browse the rough guide etc. it will be much more fun and a real memory. Bon chance! Oh and don't miss the musee d'orsay. utterly wonderful place. And the Rodin sculptures are quite romantic. Can't remember where they are. Some small garden place.
Answer #3 | 13/10 2012 08:13
your price is low for central Paris but go for a smaller restaurant off the main roads.
Answer #4 | 13/10 2012 15:38
Let's do the research and make phone calls. Go to the internet with the words The Best Affordable Three Course Restaurants In Paris France in the search box of Yahoo UK at
Answer #5 | 16/10 2012 12:06
flunch! (Y)

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