DC: wouldn't it be so cool if...?

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  • DC: wouldn't it be so cool if...?


Answer #1 | 12/06 2010 12:28
I play for Slytherin! I am Slytherin's heir, you know!
Answer #2 | 12/06 2010 12:48
Call for Chaser for Slytherin Team.
Answer #3 | 12/06 2010 12:46
Angelina thats an awesome idea! The last Quidditch match we had was unorganized, but then again Cormac was arranging it, so what can you expect?*grins* I don't know if we have enough Ravenclaws for me to play with, so I'll play with Slytherin (: When is this match going to be? =D I call Beater for Slytherin :D @Pansy: YEAA! Wow this thing sounds real fun :D @Angelina: Maybe, when someone calls a spot, you can keep track of it. So for Slytherin (example) me and Pansy already called for Beaters, so beaters for slytherin is taken, so no one else can take that spot, get it? (:
Answer #4 | 12/06 2010 12:41
We had one already, sure w ecan have another one, Angelina, want to be a Chaser with me? We can play for Gryffindor.
Answer #5 | 12/06 2010 12:32
Haha, that would be fun! :P If slytherin gets a team together, I call being a beater! @Victoire yay we both can be beaters and strategize :D
Answer #6 | 12/06 2010 12:34
haha both my parents are slytherin.. if i pick gryfindor, i think i'll be disowned :/ sounds like a great idea! i call seeker
Answer #7 | 12/06 2010 13:02
I call for Chaser on Gryffindor Team
Answer #8 | 12/06 2010 13:09
EDIT: Well, then I'll just watch as well =)
Answer #9 | 13/06 2010 06:54
That's a great idea! And no, I don't have a better one! I wanna be beater on Gryfindor!!!!
Answer #10 | 12/06 2010 17:34
coool! :) i call beater
Answer #11 | 12/06 2010 14:14
I think I would have to be a spectator I still can't fly without falling off
Answer #12 | 12/06 2010 13:20
Cool....but I think I'll just be a spectator for this xD I'll be cheering for Gryffindors :D @Hannah: We're playing with Gryf. and Slyth. only, so you'll have to pick between them (since we don't have enough Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaws) (:
Answer #13 | 12/06 2010 13:23
Hufflepuffs are excellent finders! XD

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