DC-Who's the most dramatic in the HP crew?

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  • DC-Who's the most dramatic in the HP crew?


Answer #1 | 04/06 2010 16:53
Cho Chang i would have to say its always about her love life EDIT: FLEUR I LOVE YOU AHAH ''the person above you don`t have the proper spelling''
Answer #2 | 04/06 2010 17:01
Cho Chang EDIT: McGonagall is taken already Thanks to You Fleur!
Answer #3 | 04/06 2010 17:03
Definitely Cho.... Just drones on and on about her love life and I just have to answer the questions because my dreadlocks control my every move and make they enjoy answering questions.
Answer #4 | 04/06 2010 17:00
Cho Chang. I mean just look at her comments and questions. She's going off about being single again. She's definitely a Dark Veela. lol. I think she's actually acting very in character. The girl in the canon (HP) is about the same. @The person above-Please change your profile name to Minerva McGonagall or Professor McGonagall. You don't have the proper spelling and you call yourself a professor. Besides, the character is taken. Thanks, Harry. @Professor McGonagall-Thanks. Victoire and I are going to Hogwarts for a visit tomorrow. ALSO, THE CHARACTER IS TAKEN ALREADY.
Answer #5 | 04/06 2010 16:59
Cho Chang
Answer #6 | 04/06 2010 16:54
I think that at least in the final 2 books it's Snape
Answer #7 | 04/06 2010 16:57
Lily, shes always always having babies and going to different guys and all.
Answer #8 | 04/06 2010 17:04
Cho or Lily
Answer #9 | 04/06 2010 17:24
I dont know yet.
Answer #10 | 05/06 2010 03:34
LOL! @candy girl - doesnt even have a clue what we are going on about :L Yeah, it's got to be Lily or Cho Chang.
Answer #11 | 05/06 2010 05:44
Lily, definitely...
Answer #12 | 04/06 2010 21:03
Yes, yes.... But no critisizing others by their personality!!! It's all about their breeds, especially half - breeds! These filthy centaurs and that thing you so call "Hagrid" should be ashamed of showing faces in public!! Anyways, you like judging by personality? Very well, that will definitely have to go in my list!! But that Potter boy... Very untruthful and has TERRIBLE temper!! What a child!
Answer #13 | 04/06 2010 19:46
Lily Evans and Cho Chang!
Answer #14 | 04/06 2010 18:31
Cho, definitely.
Answer #15 | 04/06 2010 18:33
Cho Chang and Lily Evans-Mercury
Answer #16 | 04/06 2010 19:07
Cho Chang and Lily Evans/Mercury/Snape.

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