DC: *sighs* Why can't he just say it already!?!?

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  • DC: *sighs* Why can't he just say it already!?!?


Answer #1 | 08/06 2010 15:02
What Percy said. *hugs* It'll turn out good, Cissy, just you wait.
Answer #2 | 08/06 2010 15:05
*hic* I feel almost the same way. *hic* *sniffles* *drinks meade* Cissy, I don't know. I haven't see Lucius and Draco. Shaula and Achernar miss you. They said they'll be on here soon. *hics* I want to smack Cormac. He's a git.
Answer #3 | 08/06 2010 16:40
I'm sorry Cissa...I thought you were on the fence, that's why I didn't do it sooner... But... Will you marry me? Again?
Answer #4 | 08/06 2010 17:42
Aww Lucius proposed again!!! Marry him again, Cissy!!! Ahh i'm happy for you~!
Answer #5 | 09/06 2010 02:04
Wow, he proposed you again! Aren't you happy now? Can I be the bridesmaid? - AthulY!A -
Answer #6 | 09/06 2010 00:39
Oh, he proposed! How sweet! =D

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