DC: Muggles keep deleting my questions, can I please crucio them?

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  • DC: Muggles keep deleting my questions, can I please crucio them?


Answer #1 | 05/06 2010 04:32
We shall "Crucio" them together They keep Reporting My answers too... :\
Answer #2 | 05/06 2010 04:38
YES, YES, YES! DO IT!!!! KILL THE **beep** **beep** demon **beep** **beep** LORANIPSON **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** ABMIDENVENIUM **beep** **beep** TRRRAGULAF **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** HIPPOPOTAMUS **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** REPUBLICAN **beep** **beep** IN DANIEL RADCLIFFE **beep** **beep** with a bucket of **beep** **beep** IN A CASTLE FAR AWAY WHERE NO ONE CAN HERE YOU **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** soup **beep** **beep** WITH A BUCKET OF **beep** MICKEY MOUSE **beep** **beep** AND A STICK OF DYNAMITE **beep** **beep** **beeeeeeeep** MAGICAL **beep** **beep** **beep** ALAZKAZAM!!!! >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:)
Answer #3 | 05/06 2010 04:38
I'll help you with the crucio. They deserve it.
Answer #4 | 05/06 2010 05:06
I haven't been reported yet, thank Merlin... EDIT: Yeah, I got reported...
Answer #5 | 05/06 2010 06:49
I'll join you in this, those freaking reporters! >:(
Answer #6 | 05/06 2010 04:58
As the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, I an sure I have not provided you with this and it's information! Are you forming some orginization without my knowing? Ten million thousand billion sixty four weeks of detention! Let us escort you to my office... *smiles really widely and makes a sweet but dangerous chuckle*
Answer #7 | 05/06 2010 11:00
Walks in* *twirling wand innocently* *smiles* *turns and aims* CRUCIO! hehe *walks away from screaming muggle goes to new place...twirling wand innocently* *aims and cruciates them all* CRUCIO!!!!!
Answer #8 | 05/06 2010 10:33
I have no problem with you cruciating muggles! Cruciate them all, I say. I want to unleash the dementors on them again. That was fun, they didn't know what had hit them!

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