DC-Is the Quidditch Pitch here?

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  • DC-Is the Quidditch Pitch here?


Answer #1 | 06/06 2010 09:35
Oh I missed a lot! Ok, I'll be a Beater. when do we start?
Answer #2 | 06/06 2010 09:38
yes i'm chaser...yes like victoire said, when do we start?
Answer #3 | 06/06 2010 09:35
Well im glad that i have a loving wife who doesn`t forget about me, unlike SOME PEOPLE cough* cough Cormac Percy wants to play but hes sleeping right now i think EDIT: Oh and Fred and Ginny also said last night that they wanted to play but there not currently here EDIT: Fleur dear is it alright for the seeker to hit the keeper?
Answer #4 | 06/06 2010 09:39
I really want to be in the match but I can't! :| I have to go somewhere and I wouldn't be able to follow you should post another question where we start the game without the rules...and put the link on here!
Answer #5 | 06/06 2010 09:42
Yup I'm Keeper. I'm insolent?? wth does that even mean?? Cho likes me, but she's just crippled at heart. and Weasley: *gives rude hand gesture* Lucky we're on the same team or I'd CLOBBER yu!!
Answer #6 | 06/06 2010 10:04
Unfortunately I can't play. >.< Sorry
Answer #7 | 06/06 2010 10:03
@,[email protected] I dont geddit
Answer #8 | 06/06 2010 10:02
Only spectating, sorry guys, but I can't be here much longer :)

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