DC: I would like to know how they make .....?

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  • DC: I would like to know how they make .....?


Answer #1 | 03/06 2010 07:04
Dear Narcissa! I do not wish to fight, all I ask for is Lily's forgiveness, after all, she is carrying our second child and therefore it would be wise to put aside all this pettiness for the sake of the baby Well maybe I will walk out then! Honestly, all I wanted was for us to be together as a family and all I have got in return is a bruising to my special place!
Answer #2 | 03/06 2010 07:40
Freddies UNITE! For the good of all that is Fred, release him, Cho! STUPEFY!
Answer #3 | 03/06 2010 07:44
Don't kill my dadddyyyy!!!! *cries*
Answer #4 | 03/06 2010 09:05
*face palm*
Answer #5 | 03/06 2010 10:58
*arrives with her bucket of popcorn, and watches intently*
Answer #6 | 03/06 2010 10:48
I am loving this! My boredem is compelty gone. WHo was the woman freddie was with?

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