DC: Don't you think that ...?

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  • DC: Don't you think that ...?


Answer #1 | 11/06 2010 02:21
LOL. Agree with you!!! I was reading Deathly Hallows, about Snape, and i remembered how he's such a player here. I can't believe in the book he only loves Lily. And when i read about you, like OMG he's my husband xD I missed him. Haha.
Answer #2 | 11/06 2010 05:50
I was reading OotP and said: 'Wow, my boyfriend was mean!" (As in Percy, of course <3) =D
Answer #3 | 11/06 2010 05:41
Yeah, I know what you mean. :)
Answer #4 | 11/06 2010 05:33
Kind of
Answer #5 | 11/06 2010 02:25
it has kinda but not to much seeing as I have been a fan since I was 5 and read the first book when I was 6 (I'm 15 in September) I know the books and basic reality of them so well that not many things can make me change my over all view on them of course I have many inside jokes about it that only I know, or me and a few others know but mostly my view on the whole thing hasn't changed much at all, because I am used to so many people asking me the real facts and trying to tell me what isn't acctually correct but they think it is I'm used to inside jokes or things like this and honestly I think it would take a huge amount of time and effort to make me change how I view them unless of course you are J.K Rowling in which case it might not take much at all but apart from all that stuff it honestly hasn't changed my whole view much at all, basically next to nothing has changed
Answer #6 | 11/06 2010 08:46
snape's perverted nature makes me laugh lol
Answer #7 | 11/06 2010 09:00
So true! I will not be able to read about Harry without remembering how he is Harry-hoe-licious.
Answer #8 | 11/06 2010 16:30
It has! i mean i used to like Cormac now i hate him I used to hate Voldemort but now i don`t and im expecting a stache too and i have dreams of Severus and last night i had a dream of Cormac! plus i used to hate Bella too but now i watched her scene in the fifth movie and i was laughing she was like to Harry'' You dare speak his name, YOU FILTHY HALF BLOOD!" and it just made me think of the bella in our crew and how she would never say that Im even getting all confused with the children on here im starting to think Beatrix and Arianna are real but then i remember Arianna is Freddie MERCURY &Lily and Beatrix is you and Bella crazy isnt it? but when im in a serious mood like Neville said i will get really in to it and actually get mad or what ever
Answer #9 | 11/06 2010 12:01
well....yeah....and J.K Rowling must write a new book.....TWILIGHT KICKS HP CREW OUT....this is going to be the best part ever!!!....
Answer #10 | 11/06 2010 10:51
lol! thats a totally good point. the books will never be the same to me. But who said thats a bad thing?
Answer #11 | 11/06 2010 10:43
HAHA yeah! I read the books and watch the movies and I see Neville and I'm like "There I am" :D And yes I wonder where Voldy's stache is. And when I read all the character names I think of all the people on here and laugh. But when I'm in a serious mood I dont see it any different. I just gotta be in the right mind set. Which is not serious most of the time. lol

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