DC-Does you and your character share similar physical appearance?

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  • DC-Does you and your character share similar physical appearance?


Answer #1 | 15/06 2010 18:06
I WOULD HOPE I DON'T. The only thing me and Mad-Eye have in common is a knack for strategy, on the spot thinking, and overall paranoia at times. Unless you already forgot who I was, you should remember that I'm a female in person.
Answer #2 | 15/06 2010 18:13
No, I have dark brown hair in real life!
Answer #3 | 15/06 2010 18:16
O_O i hope not.
Answer #4 | 15/06 2010 18:12
kinda, a lot of things are similar
Answer #5 | 15/06 2010 18:10
Well no but is it typically common to find men with red hair and a long pony tail?
Answer #6 | 15/06 2010 18:09
Only the cheeks Nothing else, actually, I'm tan
Answer #7 | 15/06 2010 18:09
Well, my eyes and Parvati's are similar but I'm not Indian. My hairs' black too.
Answer #8 | 15/06 2010 18:09
Yes actually. I have the same dark curly hair. My skin is more tan though and my face looks very different from hers.
Answer #9 | 15/06 2010 18:16
I won't be as specific as you ^.^ But my hair is dark brown and straight, my eyes are hazel, and I don't wear as much makeup as it does :)
Answer #10 | 15/06 2010 18:18
No different skin black hair the only similarity is we both like the actress who plays Cho and we both bad.
Answer #11 | 16/06 2010 00:07
No =/ I'm actually a blonde and my eyes are blue
Answer #12 | 16/06 2010 00:52 not really. I have brown curly hair and brown eyes. But we have the same face...kind of...just different eyes. And she's also a lot prettier than me. >.< Personality-wise, i think we are fairly similar, though. That's why i chose Gabrielle. =D Oh, and also; I'm Australian (Bosnian parents) and she's French. ;)
Answer #13 | 16/06 2010 04:14
No, I'm not ginger or tall and lanky like film George. And I'm not a bloke either. I'm just average height really (5'7"), and whilst I'm not fat, I'm not exactly very skinny either. And I actually have brown hair. :D There's one possible similarity between me and George - I have blue eyes. I know its never stated what colour eyes the twins have (I think) it's possible that they could have blue, because Arthur has blue eyes (I think) and Ron definitely does. :)
Answer #14 | 15/06 2010 21:16
Hahahaha I hope not!!
Answer #15 | 15/06 2010 19:50
Err, not so much in appearance, though my nickname is Birdbeak because my name starts with a B. (Don't even ask; I have really hyper friends.) We have the same personality, I'm a pretty proud person and I get insulted easily. I usually look people right in the eyes and I glare at people who make me mad. And I'm tall. I'm actually a girl in person. *prepares for people to be utterly shocked* x)
Answer #16 | 15/06 2010 19:23
no, we do not look the same except we both have dark brown hair (i think her hair is dark bown) and dark brown eyes. I'm half asian, but not african, so my skin color is like a middle darkness rather than really dark like angelina's. we are both tall though.
Answer #17 | 15/06 2010 19:25
i am not transparent in real life
Answer #18 | 15/06 2010 19:33

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