DATING QUESTION - Kissing on the second date?

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  • DATING QUESTION - Kissing on the second date?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 22:12
If you like each other have a quick kiss on first date, I know third date is the whole way so for a second, Id say a good snog and feel is ok lol.... Mind you there's no rush or rules really. Just take things at a pace you're both happy and comfortable with. If you both wanna jump into it straight away and it feels natural carry on or if you'd rather wait then do it. Like I said just do what feels natural and comfortable for the both of you wiv no pressure
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 22:21
Hi! My perspective on the matter may be a bit "naïve" but I will be honest. To me, kissing in general means acceptance and that the relationship/friendship is taken to another level. Just be as natural as you possibly can be. The dinner and movie went well. She accepted the cuddling, yeah? Me personally, I wouldn't kiss on the second date. I prefer getting to know the guy in a friendly manner and go from there. I feel that great relationships start from good friendships. But if you two are getting to know one another through dating...then take your time! She doesn't know you from one date night! Some girls may feel romantic affection from words, some from gifts, and some from touch. I mean that's good to know for if you're in a relationship. Maybe she's looking forward to talking to you more....and feels a closeness to you through talking (like another dinner date or a walk in the park), maybe she feels a closeness to you when you are gentleman-like (paying for her dinners, etc.) and maybe she feels a closeness to you by a hug (or a kiss). Depends on the girl. Scan through the first date. Did she respond most to talking? cuddling? or you taking her out and buying her dinner? I feel most close to a guy when we talk I respond the most there. I freeze up and freak out with touch, kisses, hugs. I respond a bit to dinners and sudden phone calls. They're like special little gifts. Again just depends on the girl! Goodluck! Just look back on what she responded most to!
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