Culturally are American the same as Mexicans?

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  • Culturally are American the same as Mexicans?


Answer #1 | 01/05 2017 00:15
what world do you live in?
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Answer #2 | 30/04 2017 23:18
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Answer #3 | 01/05 2017 01:14
No. The answer to your question depends on linguistics. One very important point you must understand is that Mexicans ARE Americans. Americans are any peoples born on, living on/raised on the American continents. This includes all Canadians, Indians, United States members, Mexicans, El Salvadorians... Etc etc. And OF COURSE a Mexican is like an American when he is an American. Some people incorrectly refer to the united states as a country called America. This is false. Each state is an independent nation and together they have agreed to a union. This creates the united states of America, and most people just call this, "America", which is a big insult to the people of the united states and to all the other Americans all over the landmass. I'm assuming you're asking if Mexicans are like Texans. Or if Mexicans are like New Yorkers. Or maybe you mean are Mexicans like Pennsylvanians? Or did you want to know if they're like Coloradans? In any case, Mexicans are not like those opted into the union. There are several differences between these two cultures, the most being involved with economy. The free states of America have given themselves and have been trying to maintain and protect their freedom to do business the way they want. They have an open market and are allowed to enforce any rules they want for their businesses. Monopolies are discouraged in the free states. This creates a great push for business. This creates wealth in the country. Mexico is poor in comparison, and this is why so many people from Mexico flood up north. They are trying to get to the better society. Culture also differs in many ways. Most of Americans still believe in freedom in their personal lives. They do not feel like they are victims to the system and they don't feel like they are controlled by anyone. They believe in freedom. Most people coming from Mexico come from a very different governmental society and they do not believe in the same principles those north do. When they come into any of the states north of them, they show their difference by siding with the minority (obviously not the common culture) of any of the states, including several democratic liberal viewpoints, which are, today, Marxism and Socialistic beliefs. They come into the country, are rewarded for their existence over other members of the united states, given free healthcare and welfare and this perpetuates their starkly opposed culture to those in the united states. But I'm sure you meant that Mexicans are just like Mexicans in that they are Americans. Because I'm sure you've educated yourself in this subject before you asked this question.
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Answer #4 | 01/05 2017 04:48
yes, we're all humans
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