could somebody please elaborate this?

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  • could somebody please elaborate this?


Answer #1 | 01/01 2014 13:53
Universities have colleges within them. A single university may have a college of Liberal Arts, a college of Fine Arts, a graduate college of Social Work, a college of Law, etc. University requirements apply across all the colleges. College requirements differ from one to another. The College of Law will require one set of qualifications, whereas The College of Fine Arts will need something else. Each college within a university has a set of majors. In the College of Education you can major for example in Elementary Education or Secondary Education Math and Science. Each major will have its own set of requirements. Majors sometimes have concentrations. For example you can major in Modern Language with a concentration in Spanish. In order to get that degree you must meet the requirements specific to the concentration, in addition to the university requirements, the college requirements, the major requirements. It sounds complicated but it really isn't all that hard. Schools set out sample curricula for you so that you have a path to follow to get where you want to go. If you follow the path successfully you will meet the requirements.

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