Convert from benzene phenol?

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  • Convert from benzene phenol?


Answer #1 | 06/02 2014 20:14
Use acid-catylized hydration of an Alkene. The cyclic alkene (Benzene) is surrounded by double bonds so the conversion with phenol is bound to happen.. Benzene + acid + H2O + heat ------> phenol. An acid that you can use is H3O+ (aka. hydronium) or Sulfuric acid, for example. The electrons from the pie bond will pull off a hydrogen from the acid, leaving water or some other ion, and then preferably the water will perform a substiution reaction on the carbocation that was formed when one of the double bonds converted to a single bond in the hydrogen abstraction step , and then a water molecule will pull a hydrogen off of the water group bonded to the carbon, and you are left with an alcohol, and some more acid. Perhaps you should stop the reaction before all the carbons have OH groups attached to them. But, that would work theoretically.

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