Contacts:Do you want to make this section the new secret rock n roll section?

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  • Contacts:Do you want to make this section the new secret rock n roll section?


Answer #1 | 18/06 2009 15:08
LOL what an undercover RnR section ...... BQ: Too hard to pick . Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana , Angel -Hendrix, Stairway To Heaven-Led Zepp , Black -Pearl Jam ,etc
Answer #2 | 18/06 2009 15:22
shhhhh! your secret's safe with meeeee
Answer #3 | 18/06 2009 15:12
Cool, Nice idea. The hard part will be trying to get people over here. I have a lot of favorite songs right now. I won't type them, but I'll tell you the bands the songs are from. Alter Bridge Seether Velvet Revolver
Answer #4 | 18/06 2009 15:12
that's so ninja of you :D BQ: that's a hard decision...oy vey. at the moment, i'd have to say either jerry was a racecar driver by primus or how soon is now by the smiths. (yes, i said primus)
Answer #5 | 18/06 2009 15:10
yeah, why not! vegatarian section is also pretty empty, sadly:{ BQ: when the levee breaks-led zeppelin of course I shall join edit: haha."don't feed the trolls!" kurt cobain used to live under a bridge
Answer #6 | 18/06 2009 15:48
right now it this Australian band called GOD (no, its not my band. haha) Ill pop by..
Answer #7 | 18/06 2009 15:59
I'm not going to pick my favorite song of all time because that'd be impossible. But at the moment: Rocking the Night Away by Witch Cross
Answer #8 | 18/06 2009 21:37
I'm in. No trolls will be found here :D. BA: Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls. BTW, Nice pick for an RnR Section.
Answer #9 | 18/06 2009 21:30
you are now my contact. and yes.
Answer #10 | 18/06 2009 18:44
i think we should....
Answer #11 | 18/06 2009 16:52
I say no, I'm getting sick of the section hopping. I say we use this for a genre that Y!A doesn't have, like Reggae, electronic, etc.

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