Computer freezes while watching youtube?

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  • Computer freezes while watching youtube?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 09:05
Delete unnecessary files
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 13:21
There '''ALWAYS''' are unnecessary files -- like your Cache (Temporary Internet Files). What you are describing sounds like your Cache, Memory, or PageFiling are filled-up and can't take any more -- or you may have conflicting ''cookies''.  Simply delete your Cache, Cookies and History; then clear your Memory with a shutdown & fresh reboot. Afterwards, you'll freak at how good and trouble-free your YouTube will be. Other possibilities + solutions: -- Turn off your modem AND router for 30 seconds, and then turn them back on again. -- Right-click any video, click "Settings" and uncheck "Enable Hardware Acceleration". -- Disable any Adblocking software, play a video; then you can re-enable the Adblock. -- You may have a conflict with another Player (like Mozilla Shumway or Real Player).    If that's the case, disable/uninstall it, and when you'd like it back, simply reinstall it. -- Disable your AV utility while on YouTube, since you can't get a virus from YouTube. -- You may unknowingly be using ''HTML5'' rather than "Flash''. To be sure, click here and opt out. :-)
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