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  • COIN COLLECTORS?? Coin worth?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 07:29
Value is whatever someone wants to pay. You need no further proof of this than to look at eBay sold and closed sales for two of these, one in October and one in November. One sold for $46 plus $5 shipping by a US seller. The other sold for $118 plus $6 shipping by a seller from Ireland. This also suggests that there is going to be much more interest in a European coin to collectors in Europe than in the US (though it is possible a US buyer bought both). These came as part of a two-coin set, the other coin issued in Croatia. Look at the crazy prices being asked on eBay and also note that none have sold. It's the buyer who decides what the final price will be, not the seller. 8,000 sounds small. It's really not in the world of 'limited edition' collectibles including coins. 8,000 of a circulating coin that is intended for everyday use and would have a large collector following would be incredibly rare and the value would increase tremendously as soon as word got out of its scarcity. But these 'made for collectors only' coins, and there are a lot of them, every country makes them to earn profits, end up fighting each other for market share in a limited collector market. If there were as many collectors that wanted this coin as there are collectors of US silver eagle coins or Chinese pandas, the value would be in the thousands with a mintage of just 8,000. But there aren't that many collectors.

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