Citroen relay recon engine cost?

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  • Citroen relay recon engine cost?


Answer #1 | 07/12 2013 10:12
Being a diesel a recon will be expensive. Better to trade the van in for a newer model using the money you would have spent on a recon. With 400K on the clock everything else must be about to fail.
Answer #2 | 07/12 2013 10:34
Diesels cost no more to rebuild than gas engines. If you have not spun a bearing, the crank may be fine. Any good shop can do it likely. Typically costs around $1500 US. It is not hard to work on or a difficult job, unless the block, head, or crank has been damaged beyond normal wear. But you may want to check into the price of a salvage engine from a wreck, as that could have low miles but not be very expensive. Remember that this is identical to the Fiat Ducato, so is very common and easily serviced.
Answer #3 | 11/12 2013 01:23
Hi so who in his right mind does ŧhis sort of repair when they are so cheap to buy. yes there are many just type in van details and see loads of companies come up on google even some close to where you live.

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