Chrysler 2006 Town and Country Minivan Question?

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  • Chrysler 2006 Town and Country Minivan Question?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 09:36
1- Should get all of those things taking care of and get the answers before the trip. 2- Even easier: Get to a nearest repair shop. 3- If you're in the jungle: Shout "Help" ! Tarzan will come..
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Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 07:40
to turn the alarm off get in the drives seat close the door. then put the key in and buckle the seat belt. turn key to on where it would be idling but don't start it. wait for the seat belt warning light to go off. unbuckle the seat belt and wait for the seat belt light to go off. buckle it again and wait for the light to go off. do that 2 more time ending in the buckled position. turn key off and if you hear a single chime its done right if you hear a chime during doing it start over. all must be done in 60 seconds. for the locks just remove the battery cable for about five minutes to see if it resets it all. you will have to reset your radio clock but the station memory should stay. the noise is likely the clutch spring in the altenator. mine broke and it rattled a lot. you can change them on a altenator if you know someone who repairs altenators but most people just put a new altenator on because it is so hard to get the altenator off and on and parts and labour can cost as much as a altenator . if you want to test to see if its really the trouble just remove the fan belt and start it to see if the sounds gone but don't let it idle for no more than a minute with the belt off. my chime drove me crazy and my altenator rattled but my locks never had troubles but people told me their locks worked strange and said that fixed it
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