Christians, does it annoy you when non-believers argue against your beliefs?

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  • Christians, does it annoy you when non-believers argue against your beliefs?


Answer #1 | 14/04 2017 06:58
trust takes effort and time. proof is always helpful as well. as long as the person does not have an evil agenda, i will help them. my duty is such. but anti-theists are not really atheist. they hate GOD and play games. there is a difference. notice the real haters (superstar atheists). many make money on this subject. the term biased comes into play with such things. many people in this generation LIE about their life and purpose. someone who is rational and trying to see things clearly , - WILL GOD will make sure of this.... this takes a small amount of faith.... which is what? atheists cannot know if GOD is real or not. so they must keep an open mind on this subject. those who can't, will never find GOD. (most of these are fallen anyway) used to be believers..... sins pull people away from GOD. some people want their sins and eternal life. life is all about the choices we each make. love has rules. i notice many anti-theists use hate sites and lie to make their points. how is this honest? its not no honor in this at all..... people should retain their honor in life.... - its essential for love and trust and friendship < ><
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Answer #2 | 14/04 2017 07:23
Not really, it all depends on the person, if someone believes in something different, then that's fine. But people who push too hard and try to speak with rudeness and arrogance is not okay with me.
Answer #3 | 14/04 2017 06:46
Answer #4 | 14/04 2017 06:52
I have yet to see one do that. They ridicule and call names and generally demonstrate their ignorance of the topic, but I have yet to see one actually present a rational argument.
Answer #5 | 14/04 2017 06:56
No the Bible is unique cause it ask the reader to challenge it. Paul wrote certain people search the scriptures daily to see if what was written is true. The Bible gives specific things to look for that will happen in history. Signs as such but God wants you to live by faith Jesus Christ is Lord
Answer #6 | 14/04 2017 06:53
no it does not annoy me
Answer #7 | 14/04 2017 07:00
A person can know with certainty Jesus exists and is God by practicing the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin
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Answer #9 | 14/04 2017 08:51
to every man an answer, so no
Answer #10 | 14/04 2017 08:53
This is like asking a firefighter if they are annoyed by smoke and fire. Yes, people who seek to bicker about religion can be the definition of annoying. There was a time before I was Christian when I had no tolerance for bad taste and crass behavior. I considered myself the protector of what was artful and profound. Arguing about religion is neither. Since I have been a Christian I have grown in my humility. God has given me grace to know that the people who may annoy me are loved by Him. I have become very hard to annoy compared to my former life. My patience has grown with time and faith. Good question, Seeker.
Answer #11 | 14/04 2017 07:58
Not at all. I just get a little discouraged at being presented with the same old arguments all the time. These New Age atheists just don't cut it for me. I can find the same argument from any teenager.
Answer #12 | 14/04 2017 07:50
No. We know that Jesus is so great. He cannot die, even if his head is cut off in a sword fight. Although they didn't have nuclear bombs in those days, we even think he could withstand a nuclear blast. However, it would be reasonable to believe that his hair would be ruffled and his face would be blackened by the blast.
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