car starts bubbling when I turn off my car!!?

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  • car starts bubbling when I turn off my car!!?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 14:00
#1. When the engine is stone cold remove the radiator pressure cap, throw it away and get a new one at a Honda Dealer. Fill the radiator to the top first THEN fill the plastic coolant recovery reservoir. #2. Make an appointment to have a *cooling system pressure test done which will find any external or internal cooling system leaks.
Answer #2 | 26/12 2013 14:11
First of all, the vehicle is a Honda Accord. Car brands and names are proper names and must be capitalized. The Internet protocol may not require this grammar function, but people do. Next, radiator is the word. "raditor: is not even close. Next. "girlfriends' is plural as in more than one. Girlfriend's with the apostrophe is the possessive. Next. sentences end with one period or punctuation mark. Not many, not repeated. Next. all sentences end with a punctuation mark. All. And that includes the last one. You placed no punctuation mark at the end. HUGE error. Next, the cooling system of cars follow certain scientific principles. This car simple needs a mechanic to check all of the components, to verify it is working correctly, to make sure it is serviced correctly. You cannot do this. There is knowledge that is required. Go find a mechanic.
Answer #3 | 26/12 2013 14:21
Replace your coolant and buy a pre-mixed one. Replace your radiator cap.
Answer #4 | 26/12 2013 23:18
I agree with the radiator cap issue as I have seen this many times in our shop. That is the first place to start. Ramon, sentences do not start with the word AND, so if your going to rag on someone then make sure you do it properly.
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