Car: spark plug wire to Distributor Cap 04 Grand Am GT?

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  • Car: spark plug wire to Distributor Cap 04 Grand Am GT?


Answer #1 | 14/12 2013 11:48
No doubt someone will claim to understand that disaster of a post.
Answer #2 | 14/12 2013 12:59
the car manual will show you the location of the coil packs and which wires go to each one.
Answer #3 | 15/12 2013 07:34
Its the physical location that determines which cylinders the packs should go to, not what the label says.
Answer #4 | 15/12 2013 08:30
WHAT??? There is no such thing as a distributor on your car!!!!!!! The numbers on the coil do not dictate which position on the car they go to nor do they imply it suppose to go on that side. The numbers on the coils are to let you know THAT COIL IS FOR THAT CYLINDER as long as the coils have not moved & are in the factory installed slots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF the number on the coil is #2 or #5, you run that wire to that cylinder. If its not connected to the correct cylinder, it will cause a huge misfire. I suggest you take it to the GM Dealership!!! Some people should not be allowed to open the hood for any reason The only time you need to worry about if those numbers are correct if someone has swap them to see if the coil was bad & to see if the misfire follows the coil to that cylinder. The numbers are only correct if they are in the correct position. They can be put in any of those 3 slots but once they are swapped, you have to have a brain to remember which cylinder went where because they are not cylinder specific just because they have numbers on them. Do you understand?? New coils do not come with numbers on them meaning they fit in any of those 3 spots. You have to know which slot goes to which pair of cylinders
Answer #5 | 15/12 2013 19:05
The plugs are (facing the rear of the vehicle and looking at the coil packs) 1-4 on the left side coil pack 3-6 on the center coil pack 2-5 on the right side coil pack Do not worry about the numbers on the coil packs, the coil packs are interchangeable.

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