Car nearly starts but won't - Vauxhall Corsa 2003?

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  • Car nearly starts but won't - Vauxhall Corsa 2003?


Answer #1 | 15/11 2013 03:01
May be you just need to ask someone for a push, that should do it :)
Answer #2 | 15/11 2013 05:37
Its the battery that is not getting enough charge everyday. The ignition is working. The starter and its solenoid are working. The fuel pump is working. Take note that every time you crank start the engine, you must drive for at least half an hour at motorway speeds, in order to charge up the battery to the original state. Too much cranking is detrimental to the health of your battery. Alternatively, subject your car battery to a 3 hour charge from the charger you bought, once every month or so. Good luck.
Answer #3 | 16/11 2013 06:15
u only need a 3 mile drive at normal speed or just run for 20mins try without the air filter, just open the casing try jump starting from another car, if it starts straight away then you still have battery issues
Answer #4 | 16/11 2013 11:53
You most likely still have a battery problem. A fully charged 12 volt automotive battery is aprox 12.6 volts. As far as the clicking is concerned? There are relays of all sorts under the hood, that make a click sound when activated. And most relays will not function unless there is at least 12.0 volts in the battery. A car starter will actually work at 10 volts, as long as the amperage in the battery is sufficient. So relays will actually click because of a voltage that may be bordering on the minimum amount needed to operate. So they click on & off when the voltage is low. To start off right , put the battery back on the charger, and let it charge over night. Then try again tomorrow. Make sure BOTH battery posts, and the connecting terminal ends on the cables , are CLEAN & TIGHT.

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