Canon 6d vs 7dmkii vs 80d vs any nikon alternatives?

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  • Canon 6d vs 7dmkii vs 80d vs any nikon alternatives?


Answer #1 | 30/01 2017 06:40
It appears that you have NOT done any independent research. The 6D is an entry level full frame camera The 7D, Mark II is the pro version of Canon's cropped sensor camera The 80D is Canon's "enthusiasts" cropped sensor camera You really need to visit DP Review and read the professional results written on those cameras The Nikon equivalent of the Canon 6D would be the Nikon D750 The Nikon equivalent of the Canon 7D, Mark II is the Nikon D500 (the D500 is the best APS-C sensored camera when it comes to shooting sports. * Low noise at high ISO, * Super fast and accurate auto focus in low light, * It uses the super fast XQD memory cards (440 mb/sec) and can take up to 200 RAW images files before the cameras buffer and card need to take a break. There are many more unique features, but you will have to use DP Review to compare those two cameras as well as the others, feature to feature The equivalent of the Canon 80D, is the Nikon D7200. Do your research on DP Review. will compare the sensor performances of all six cameras, so you can make a better decision when you finally spend from $1500 to $2000 for a camera body. The important attributes are in the colour depth, dynamic range and low light (high ISO) performance NOTE: If you happen to already own Canon EF-S lenses, they CANNOT be used on any of the Canon full frame cameras (6D, 5D or 1D)
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