Canadian interior plains?

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  • Canadian interior plains?


Answer #1 | 14/12 2013 10:48
Not at all. There is a reason that there is so much flat land in that area. It is brutally cold in the winter. People just don't want to live there.
Answer #2 | 14/12 2013 13:55
They are called prairie provinces in Canada. This covers Alberta, Sask and Manitoba. The jobs are as diverse as you can get - oil, mining, restaurants, farming, dairy farms, processing, high tech. Pretty much everything. So yes, if you are in one of the major metropolitian areas, you could be an architect. You won't get a call for cabins in this day and age, unless someone specifically hires you to draw one up. Isn't a lot of demand for them. Condos, houses, apartments, commercial property but not cabins.

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