Can you use a Wii U remote on a regular Wii?

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  • Can you use a Wii U remote on a regular Wii?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 20:53
What kind of question is this no it does not since the Wii came BEFORE the Wii U but you can use Wii controllers on the Wii U if you reversed the question... If I were you I'd keep the Wii U because the Wii U ALLOWS you to play Wii video games the only thing I find the Wii good for is playing virtual console games like Nintendo 64...
Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 22:54
You mean these? Yes. Just because they say Wii U doesn't mean they're not compatible on the Wii. They ARE Wii remotes after all. Lol. But if you mean the Wii U gamepad (tablet controller), then no. It's not sold seperately and only comes with and works with the Wii U.
Answer #3 | 22/12 2013 02:28
Yes the WiiU remote and nunchuck will work on the Wii. Make sure that the Wii you're getting does actually play GameCube games though because not all of them do.
Answer #4 | 22/12 2013 07:38
Wii will work with any Wii Remote you find, even if it is labeled as Wii U, they did that to show they work with Wii U, but will also work with Wii. If you mean the GamePad or the wireless Wii Pro Controller, then no. Those controllers will only work on Wii U's, not the Wii.

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