Can you please send password for username to

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  • Can you please send password for username to


Answer #1 | 03/11 2014 19:56
For WHAT exactly? You do NOT request passwords in this manner on ANY site and definatly not on a PUBLIC forum of USERS. You contact the provider of the service directly via the info you get from the "lost password screen" or the FAQ`s of the website.
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Answer #2 | 03/11 2014 21:31
You Have To Request The Password To Be Sent To You In Order To Get It Hit Forgot Password And Put That Email Address In And It Will Be Sent To That Email Address
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Anonymous892672 | 16/02 2019 13:49
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Answer #4 | 03/11 2014 11:56
For WHAT exactly? You do NOT request passwords in this manner on ANY site and definatly not on a PUBLIC forum of USERS. You contact the provider of the service directly via the info you get from the "lost password screen" or the FAQ`s of the website.
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Anonymous879161 | 14/07 2019 04:57
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Anonymous719804 | 16/05 2019 18:01
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Anonymous328764 | 02/08 2019 14:31
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