Can you date someone you don't like?

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  • Can you date someone you don't like?


Answer #1 | 25/09 2013 15:45
No. If you don't want to date them, don't ask them out! If she finds out you want to go out with her, she'll be all excited and then she'll hear you don't like her and be sad. If she tries to show that she likes you again, then tell her that you can be friends, but that you dont want to date her
Answer #2 | 25/09 2013 15:48
You sound young. So you might aswell use this to gain some perspective on what it is about her you dont like, And become a better person. Remember, time is not linear. it goes in cycles. you might come around to liking her. Either way, "Dont judge everyone else by your own limited experience" - Carl Sagan
Answer #3 | 25/09 2013 15:47
Um , I'd rather you date someone you like because it is a a fun experience as you can both have things in common . You can break her heart after you break up with her but if you want to meet new people and have a dating experience than you can try it :)
Answer #4 | 25/09 2013 15:49
Answer #5 | 25/09 2013 17:32
No, because you're doing yourself a disservice and that girl a disservice, and that isn't right. You doing yourself a disservice because you don't like this girl, and you're doing the girl a disservice because you leading her on making her think you actual like her despite the fact you don't.
Answer #6 | 25/09 2013 20:31
It's the best to tell her the truth in the first place. If you ask her out and then tell her that you don't like her, you'll hurt her harder and makes her think that you are a playboy.
Answer #7 | 25/09 2013 19:07
Do not ask her out. Don't pretend to, don't "seem" interested. That is much more cruel than simply not asking her out. You are only responsible for her feelings if you falsely encouraged them.
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