Can u date someone older than you?

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  • Can u date someone older than you?


Answer #1 | 02/10 2013 13:24
Don't lie to someone you might potentially date because at some point they are going to figure it out and be mad that she didn't tell him. I am quite a bit older than you guys, but I am dating someone 5 years older than me. She is still pretty young so don't rush anything. Enjoy life while you are young don't worry about dating till you are older.
Answer #2 | 02/10 2013 14:02
hes too old
Answer #3 | 02/10 2013 13:52
no don't lie haha. if she was more like 13 that's okay but I am sure her parents would not like that at all and shes in what 5-6th grade which is barely middle school hes in highschool so that just creepy! plus shes too young to date. 13 is when u date.
Answer #4 | 02/10 2013 13:36
Do not lie but in my opinion 11 yrs. old is way too young to be dating. Ask your parents, or a guidance counselor at school.
Answer #5 | 02/10 2013 13:30
shes 11..... she shouldnt even be dating.... what a joke
Answer #6 | 02/10 2013 14:17
be truthful beacuse HE WILL FIND OUT
Answer #7 | 02/10 2013 14:26
Your not even a young woman at 11. Dating is for much older people. Trust me i'm not trying to be mean.
Answer #8 | 02/10 2013 23:35
it depand on her figure
Answer #9 | 02/10 2013 19:15
dont lie that just always turns out to be a mess. and yeah you can date people older than you, just know that they probably have more experience(especially between 11 and 15) and might expect more things from you, so be careful.
Answer #10 | 02/10 2013 15:55
11 year old girl, 15 year old guy...not a good idea.
Answer #11 | 02/10 2013 15:50
she should tell him her age. many people date older people

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