Can't focus at work... have I stopped caring?

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  • Can't focus at work... have I stopped caring?


Answer #1 | 06/12 2013 10:13
ur words say that u love ur work.. n u r aware about ur work.. but break is needed in bulk of work.. take holidays and go out at some natural places.. :)
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Answer #2 | 06/12 2013 15:27
When I am overloaded I never take breaks, work through lunch and by T F I too am burned out, I set up appointments in my calendar for 2 hours after I start and 2 hours after lunch, I get up and I might go to the other side of the building for errands or just get way and walk around to get the blood pumping, I make a list each afternoon before I leave, on it is the list of things I would do if I had 4 more hours, when I get in the next morning, I review it and get right to it, saves me a lot of time trying to figure out where I was, another good idea is to pick the one thing you would rather die than do and do it first, with that off of your mind and your plate the day will be so much nicer. good luck
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