Can normal extraction for impacted tooth be done?

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  • Can normal extraction for impacted tooth be done?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 03:47
Your wisdom tooth can be taken out without loosing your molar but as it is growing at the wrong angle it needs to be done through surgery. They probably will put you under to do it. Some dentists will even have you go to a hospital dentist to have it done for that reason. As it can't be pulled straight out. The suggestion of pulling a good tooth (your molar) out to make it more accessible for the dentist is ridiculous. Never let anyone pull out a healthy tooth without a good reason. Easy access is not a good reason. If they pull them both you will need the gap filled with an implant or false tooth or your other teeth will move to fill in the gap. When I had two together pulled the teeth moved to fill the gap and the one above it grew longer to fill in the gap it is now more sensitive then it should be as the nerves are exposed. The big expense is the implant not the pulling. Get another opinion before pulling healthy teeth.
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