Can my 400W PSU handle this?

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  • Can my 400W PSU handle this?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 12:56
I would not recommend it. It is possible that everything will work out, but it is safe to have at least 500w. Try out this PSU calculator:
Answer #2 | 03/01 2014 10:56
No, you would need atleast 500w, and that is really pushing it over. I'm going a bit off subject, but what is your main task on PC? If it's gaming don't upgrade your CPU, upgrade your GPU
Answer #3 | 04/01 2014 05:37
The max power consumption of the hd 7770 is 250 watts add the 125 watts for max consumption of the cpu and you are already up to 375 watts. I would say that your power supply would work under idle to light load but if you threw a medium to heavy load on your rig it would most likely trip. I also don't think it's good to run a power supply at max power, 75 - 80% is better. 500 watts * 80% would give you the necessary 400 watts to cover your max load requirements. At idle your rig will probably only use 150 watts.

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