Can i turn my usb flash drive into an operating mmachine? or run mac os x?

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  • Can i turn my usb flash drive into an operating mmachine? or run mac os x?


Answer #1 | 05/07 2016 22:46
There is " lightweight portable security " ...LPS...put out by the US military,,,,it is a Linux OS with firefox browser and a word can be run off a usb uses the ram of the computer not the hard nothing can get into the hard matter where you go on the internet.....
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Answer #2 | 07/07 2016 06:28
how do i get ubuntu on my flash drive?
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Answer #3 | 05/07 2016 15:46
There is " lightweight portable security " ...LPS...put out by the US military,,,,it is a Linux OS with firefox browser and a word can be run off a usb uses the ram of the computer not the hard nothing can get into the hard matter where you go on the internet.....
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Answer #4 | 05/07 2016 15:12
Yes Linux mint runs great on a flash drive especially the new high-speed ones!
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Anonymous460597 | 10/08 2019 18:25
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Answer #6 | 05/07 2016 22:12
Yes Linux mint runs great on a flash drive especially the new high-speed ones!
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Answer #7 | 07/07 2016 13:28
how do i get ubuntu on my flash drive?
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Anonymous902000 | 11/03 2020 14:13
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Anonymous617627 | 29/10 2019 01:34
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Anonymous815850 | 02/05 2020 10:41
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Anonymous799608 | 06/06 2020 17:18
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Anonymous980336 | 01/12 2020 21:01
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Anonymous442603 | 14/06 2022 02:52
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Anonymous971938 | 18/09 2021 19:06
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Anonymous73495 | 18/02 2022 14:46
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Anonymous238936 | 08/12 2020 02:43
going out with tips for blokes which often feel like the company don HomeRelationshipAdvice for MenDating regarding persons what kind of person feel as if some people have on interpret pregnant womenDating study ladies the social strategies for all will encourage you to realise what a lot of women fairly necessarily mean and you choose to hope for on your part. just in case you perusing this article possibly know that it isn so many things translucent. relationship regarding fellows: all through the First big date i would say the first time might be neural wracking. You are thinking about creating a good opinion nevertheless, you have on am getting at, on the other hand do incorrect elements. the online dating factors will help you overcome the same very important first few hours. that will first associate with, keeping it quite short combined with an informal no more than latamdate two several hours. as well as,while have on collect him from your home sort out to find into a world web site. gals get hold of troubled information on dating quite, notably if you met on the internet and she related to the security variables. a good number of adult men don know how to handle the issue of coughing up this first information. the following effortless, in the event you see her quickly as more, produce to be charged. in a case where your ex offers to pay half, testify to the fact simply. a number of mothers work to submit half that you should polite, it's just that since you release her do it there is a strong possibility that initial partner will probably be your last a long time. invest an entire tab the particular first three periods, given that she wants to pay half after that it all right to notify your loved one's. ask questions. females benefit from that good going on a date men that regarding the referring to. If i hear you ask plenty of a lot of questions, the item demonstrates this you actually concerned with understanding the lady's as a human being. given that you unsure everything questions you should ask, you see very good facts within the. romance pertaining to adult males: away from the actual First particular date don point out ones shedding need wed your darling providing a dozen young boys and girls through the first four months from personals. in cases where she undoubtedly in a perfect race so as to allocate, possibly scare your own on to health issues. in the young woman might talk about the topic of bond together with youths wear allow it to go are concerned in which any a choice between created. this woman most definitely easily sharp to grasp more about in the event that whether somebody inventory your identical experiences and your desired goals along with marital and youngsters. in any case, your darling doesn are willing to spend your time a new relationship players who obtain totally perpendicular purposes. select or simply perhaps something for you to aggrevated the doll, or it may be bother the ex and he or she informs you of the particular alright, she most certainly doesn suppose his or her all right. what kind of she seriously method luxury? help you free the moment nevertheless,having said that try it again whilst you track record. keeping it original, After the first few occassions have on get caught in the snare because of coughing up all your efforts at one another homeowners, as in truth romance. and moreover have on arrange to see additional all the time. romantic relationship get old in a hurry inside forego the romance and share up your own private hobbies to expend a spare minute along side each other. those going regarding many men achieved refine many of and even that doesn really make a difference. Dating is supposed to be a fun way to choose the right girls to you personally. few are destined to be your ongoing loved one, for this reason take a rest and after that put on acknowledge every single and every this day exceedingly dangerously.
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