Can I take garcinia cambogia tablets & Adios max slimming tablets?

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  • Can I take garcinia cambogia tablets & Adios max slimming tablets?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 13:20
Any and all diet pills are a scam, there is no magic pill that will make you shed pounds and more importantly, keep them off. The only way to really lose weight is to eat less (and more balanced) and to exercise more. That's it.
Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 14:33
Neither will help you lose weight. Answers is chock a block with people wanting someone or something to lose weight for them. Unfortunately in case you haven't heard it before, diets don't work! Statistically 2 in 3 so called dieters end up heavier. There is really only one way to sustain weight loss. Less in, more out. It is the second part that is essential, and of course that is also the reason most people fail. You need to do 30-40 minutes of vigorous exercise 5 days a week, FOR LIFE! Unfortunately the vast majority of people who are desperate to lose weight and say they will do anything, actually mean try any fad diet or swallow any dubious pill, as long as they are not expected to get off the couch. Result? They are doomed to remain fat!
Answer #3 | 03/01 2014 07:23
Garcinia cambogia is the latest in a long line of "magic weight loss" supplements. Right behind acai, green tea capsules, maquiberry, hoodia, moyoberry, green coffee gojiberry, fruta planta, hoodia, ma huang, raspberry ketones, and african mango seed extract. See a pattern here? Magic exotic plants or extracts. Your Adios pills are noting but a blend of herbs that are "supposed" to help you lose weight but don't contain any proven ingredients.

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