Can I sue a doctor for an insurance mistake?

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  • Can I sue a doctor for an insurance mistake?


Answer #1 | 14/01 2014 10:46
You can sue, but you're not going to win. It's up to you as well (as the policyholder) to check if something is covered. If you are already paying for insurance -why wouldn't you check if something is covered instead of simply coughing up $700.
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Answer #2 | 14/01 2014 18:07
Here in the USA, you can hire a lawyer, and sue anyone for anything. If you sue the doctor for this, you won't win. It's like asking the mailman what's wrong with your elbow, and getting upset when he's wrong. Call your insurance company back. If the doctor is "in network", see if there's an agreement that requires them to absorb the full charge of what insurance would have paid, if they fail to submit the claim in a timely manner. And, double check that time limit - 60 days is awfully short. You say what the doctor didn't do, but you don't say what you'd sue them FOR. Usually, failure to act is NOT something you can sue for, in small claims court.
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Answer #3 | 14/01 2014 13:14
I doubt that you would win the case as it was your responsibility to check with your insurance, not the doctors. When you go to a doctor they have you sign a financial responsibility form indicating that you are ultimately liable for all payments. They bill your Insurance as a courtesy. Good Luck
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Answer #4 | 14/01 2014 10:26
No you cannot sue a doctor for failure to get the facts about your own insurance plan until after the fact. You are the one that dropped the ball. Taking the doctor's word was your mistake. The fact that you paid out of pocket for something covered by your insurance is irrelevant. You should consider this a painful learning experience. It is not a doctor's job to counsel patients regarding their individual insurance plans. If you want to blame someone, take a long hard look in the mirror. You were the patient and the blame falls squarely on you, not the doctor.
Answer #5 | 14/01 2014 10:16
Yes. You can sue if she was suppose to turn in the claim form and didn't.
Answer #6 | 14/01 2014 10:42
Maybe your doctor wasn't in your network & your co-workers was? I don't think you would win. It is up to you to find out what your insurance covers & file claim if the doc is out of network.
Answer #7 | 14/01 2014 10:07
If you sue the doctor, it will cost a lot more that $700. It could take years to come to court.
Answer #8 | 14/01 2014 13:49
Your doctor is not responsible for your insurance. The only one responsible for your insurance is you; I know its tough but that's the way the world works. You wont win the lawsuit.
Answer #9 | 14/01 2014 13:25
Unfortunately, it's not the doctor's job to understand your insurance. And, if the doctor billed you directly, you could have submitted that claim directly as well.
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