Can I still purchase a warranty for my A4 2.0T?

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  • Can I still purchase a warranty for my A4 2.0T?


Answer #1 | 09/12 2013 21:59
Depending on the number of miles on it, probably not. But you don't need a warranty. You need a savings account. No matter how new or old your car is, one day it will need a repair. So set aside money from each paycheck for that inevitable day when it needs a repair. Put $50 each month into a "car repair" envelope at your house. At the end of the year you'll have $600 set aside to repair it. Next year you'll have $1,200. If you don't have a repair that expensive, the money is yours to keep. You didn't waste it on super high warranty payments.
Answer #2 | 13/12 2013 17:12
I have heard there are some fuel pump problems not being able to deliver properly with the FSI system which have been taken care of in newer models. I am up to 45,000 MILES and have no current issues. Car is awesome.

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