Can I rent a vacation house for a wedding?

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  • Can I rent a vacation house for a wedding?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 07:39
Yes that's a great idea! I was looking into vacation homes also until my friend volunteered her home for us. they are MUCH cheaper than renting a venue, and it is a plus because they usually have a 2-3 day minimum so you can hold the rehearsal dinner there also and take your time setting up and decorating, unlike a regular venue where you only get it for a certain number of hours and set up and take down is extreemely rushed.
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 09:56
here are the pros and cons of this idea: pros: 1. vacation rental homes also give you the luxury of having your wedding party and/or relatives spend the night or even the night before and the night of the wedding so that everyone is at hand and safe. they normally sleep 8 to 20 people depending upon the size of the house. 2. normally located on a beach or waterfront, you have great outdoor options 3. the kitchens are normally modern and well equipped for self catering 4. often great values money wise,especially during off peak seasons. cons: 1. local noise or crowd/parking ordinances may be a hinderance. check with local police. 2. not all vacation rentals allow weddings so you have to find ones which do. 3. the ambiance is normally more of a vacation like thing than romantic or elegant like a wedding so unless you are very laid back people, this may not be a good choice. 4. costs are not always less than regular venues. 5. many vacation homes require an event like a wedding on their property to be policed and to have professional catering. 6. most vacation rentals require liability insurance for an event like a wedding. while not expensive in most cases, it will be more expensive than it is for other venues since vacation homes are private residences. when you are looking to cut costs for a wedding, the number one best place to look as far as venues are concerned is at your local parks and recreation department. all of them have venues which they rent for events such as weddings, most of them have indoor buildings with kitchens and many even have dance floors. they rent them for nearly nothing in most cases and most will allow alcohol with a permit. most parks have lovely spots for outdoor ceremonies like a gazebo, rose garden, lakeside or under some lovely trees. and the prices cannot be beat.
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Answer #3 | 30/12 2013 08:41
Well, sure, you can rent a vacation house, but there are places in the country where this isn't easy. (There are others where it's common, especially in FL). But ditch the pot luck idea. There's a difference between trying to save money vs being cheap, or throwing a party you can't afford. Remember, the reception is to thank your guests. It's not much of a thank you if they provide the food. The only possible exception to this is if you're in one of those few towns where this is considered the norm. In that case, fine..but you need to make it clear that the food is their gift to you. It's hard to word that, but you need a polite way to say it.
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Answer #4 | 29/12 2013 12:13
You would have to run that by the owners of the home - and the local police. Their homeowners insurance may not cover a function with so many people at their house, nor might they want a lot of people there who might have been having too good a time. When you rent a wedding venue, there is a representative present from the owning company, so they can oversee what is happening on their property. They are also covered for functions, which is a completely different thing than renting a vacation home to a small number of people. They also wouldn't have accessibility standards as would be found in a place used often for weddings. You need a small inn. Same thing goes for the neighborhood and local alw enforcement - often you have to have a permit to have something like that, and it is customary to notify the neighbors - and invite them to come over for a bite to eat, or send them a bottle of wine, or somehow compensate them for the inevitable disturbance. Late music, parking along the roads - you don't know who is around who has also rented or paid good money for a place that they expect to be quiet! You are far better off looking through the Bed & breakfast listings for a place to have the wedding - that leaps over all of those concerns, while often being a lower price and smaller more intimate situation. Using a privately rented house isn't going to work.
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