can i put LED or Neon lights in my car in South Dakota?

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  • can i put LED or Neon lights in my car in South Dakota?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 17:42
Check your local state laws The bottom line is that anyone looking to modify their vehicle, particularly with regards to the lighting department, would be wise to get in touch with their local DMV and/or highway patrol to find out if the modifications are allowed. If you simply wish to err on the side of caution, the vast majority of jurisdictions do not permit neon or underglow (particularly blue and/or red) on vehicles. A vehicle with an unlawful modification can receive a traffic ticket for a mechanical violation. In some states, citations for certain unlawful vehicle modifications are considered "fix-it" tickets or "correctable violations" where, after the problem is fixed, the car owner must get the signature of an authorized person and mail the proof of correction rather than taking it to court. If the court accepts the correction, the case will be dismissed. On the other hand, a failure to fix the modification within a short time after receiving a "fix-it" ticket will lead to a fine for the unlawful vehicle modification, and the issuance of another ticket which will go on the driver's record. Below are links to some more information on the subject of vehicle modifications, as well as to links to the specific applicable statutes for all states. Please note that laws at the local may also supplement state law. Here is a link on some of the laws for doing such

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