Can I pay the pizza delivery person in quarters?

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  • Can I pay the pizza delivery person in quarters?


Answer #1 | 08/12 2013 18:57
I wouldn't try it, but its still money so they should take it.
Answer #2 | 08/12 2013 20:00
yea lol college student over here lol ive done it three times this year lol
Answer #3 | 08/12 2013 19:55
Money is money and pizza is pizza. Just put it in a nice bag for them or separate the quarters so it's easier to count.
Answer #4 | 08/12 2013 19:35
You could but there are more options to use , like : Call a friend to borrow , or family.Use your credit card ( i've bought pizza and they took my credit card number, not safe , but pizza is pizza.) It's been 40 minutes since you asked the question , so i bet he's already there , lol.
Answer #5 | 08/12 2013 19:30
Yes you do have cash - Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters are all cash. If he wants to collect money for the pizza, he must take it. It would be better if you had the paper rollers, the banks usually give you free. It would make it easier. Make sure you leave a nice tip.
Answer #6 | 08/12 2013 19:31
Ofcourse money is money
Answer #7 | 08/12 2013 20:19
Do it - I dare you ;)
Answer #8 | 08/12 2013 21:01
Bullsh*t. I always pay with my 'coin' yo
Answer #9 | 10/12 2013 22:39
I'd take the money better then bringing a cold pizza back to the store.
Answer #10 | 11/12 2013 09:02
I do not see why not, you better leave a nice tip if i were you.
Answer #11 | 09/12 2013 17:46
yes you can I've seen people do it before.
Answer #12 | 09/12 2013 14:18
Yes, you can, but you should give the delivery person a sizable tip for the trouble. When I was in college, it wasn't uncommon for students to pay in pennies.
Answer #13 | 08/12 2013 21:17
Tip well other wise your house will be the 'white trash house', and it will be hard to get timely delivery ever again.
Answer #14 | 09/12 2013 07:18
As long as it is pre-wrapped and pre-counted with your name and address written on each roll of quarters. You cannot hand them a bag full of loose change.

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