Can I efile a paper filed tax form?

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  • Can I efile a paper filed tax form?


Answer #1 | 16/12 2013 08:46
Not unless you want to type in all of the information again and depending on how much you make, pay another fee to file your taxes.
Answer #2 | 16/12 2013 09:02
Until you mail it in it is not filed. Honestly I would change accountants. Go to an Enrolled Agent. They are being cheap not efiling it. It also tells me they do not do many returns since there are rules about efiling now. How do you know this accountant is tax competent? Accountants are not required to do any tax education.
Answer #3 | 16/12 2013 09:26
You can mail a paper form. That is all.
Answer #4 | 16/12 2013 09:43
You can go to and type all the info in and efile that way.
Answer #5 | 17/12 2013 11:26
If this just happened, a paper return by mail is the ONLY possible way to file. E-filing shut down on Oct 15 and won't restart until late January or early February. If this is your "accountant's" standard practice, find a new accountant. Paid preparers are REQUIRED to e-file returns for their clients unless the client explicitly requests a paper return to file by mail AND signs a statement to that effect.
Answer #6 | 16/12 2013 12:46
won't efile? they are not complying with IRS regulations if you took what they prepared and used the free efile at or one of the tax programs that will offer that, yes you could probably do that

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