Can I eat a fray bentos pie that is 11 years out of date?

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  • Can I eat a fray bentos pie that is 11 years out of date?


Answer #1 | 28/02 2013 08:48
I wouldn't advise it
Answer #2 | 28/02 2013 09:03
Yes you can, but you will very likely regret it most seriously within 24 hours.
Answer #3 | 28/02 2013 12:11
Technically you can eat anything you can chew and swallow. Why oh why would you want to put your health at risk? 2 years out of date is the general rule of thumb on canned food for folks pushing the envelope.
Answer #4 | 28/02 2013 12:57
I have heard of people eating a tin of fray bentos corned beef, from WW2, 40 years later. Did you know that Fray Bentos is a town in Argentina? look it up
Answer #5 | 01/03 2013 16:14
If there had not been a best before date on the tin, as in many years ago, you would be looking for other suggestions to say whether safe or otherwise. | personally do not take best before dates too seriously. Firstly inspect the tin to check if there are not any signs of 'blowing. Then check that the tin is not damaged or punctured. If all is OK, open the tin and smell the contents. If the smell seems ok, cook thoroughly and enjoy. I am sure that many years ago before the introduction of best before, most of us ate what would now be considered 'out of date' and survived!
Answer #6 | 28/02 2013 13:42
As a Certified Food Safety Manager, I don't recommend it. The risk for botulism or other food borne illness is high. Questions are if there are dents in the can, anaerobic bacterial growth, where it was stored, and what temperature it was stored at. Fray Bentos pies can be purchased online and I strongly recommend that if your grocer doesn't carry them anymore. Food poisoning is a very serious matter and your health is more important than taking a risk like that!

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